Saturday, 16 August 2014

Liebster Awards

I would like to say thank you to the beautiful Ellen over at Floral Beauty, for my first ever Liebster Award Nomination! 

The rules are:

You must answer all 11 questions which were given to you by your nominated person.

You must include a link back to who nominated you.

You must nominate  6 - 11 bloggers (with less than 200 followers) and give them 11 questions of your own.

You cannot nominate the person who nominated you.

You must let the bloggers who you have nominated know and give them a link to your post to learn about it.

The questions I was asked are:

1. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because at the time I started I loved reading beauty and fashion blogs because I found them so helpful to me considering I was quite young at the time. As I got a little bit older I loved writing my own stuff and one day I decided to post it online!

2. Favourite Makeup Look?
My favourite make up look would have to be between a natural skin and heavy eye look, or natural skin and a bold lip. I love make up looks that make you feel confident and stand out from other people.

3. Favourite song at the minute?
At the moment my favourite song would have to be a song by Heroes For Hire called Secrets,Lies and Sins. I discovered this while I was on Holiday in Ibiza last week, just a warning it is quite pop punk(ish). But I would still recommend it to anyone never the less!

4. A place you really want to visit?
Abroad I would really love to visit either America or Australia, my main reasoning for this is that there everyday culture is so different from mine and I find it interesting. But a bit closer to home I would love to visit either Wales or Scotland, just because they are relatively close and I have just never got the chance to go.

5. Would you ever think about starting YouTube, if you haven't already?
For me personally no I wouldn't, this is just for the fact that I procrastinate ALOT and I don't like the idea of committing to another thing that I wouldn't finish/always have time to do.

6. Favourite clothing store?
Either Forever 21 (depending on the season) or Urban Outfitters (but usually always sale items).

7. Favourite actor/actress?
My favourite actor is Theo James and my favourite actress has to be Lily Collins. 

8. Favourite season?
My favourite season has to be Autumn, mainly for the fact that I am a Autumnal baby so I feel like it kind of has to be my favourite season. But also because I love the weather because I love wearing hoodies and jeans but I love being outside at the same time and I feel like Autumn has the perfect weather for that.

9. What trend are you most looking forward to this autumn/winter?
Defiantly being able to start laying my items of clothing again, I love wearing my leather jacket and jumpers but it has been way to hot in England at the moment to do that surprisingly. 
10. Favourite skincare brand?
Over the past few months the brand that has cleared up my skin the most has been The Body Shop and more in particular their Tea Tree line. Their cleanser, foaming face wash and primer has really helped me to manage my skin and get it looking in a better condition.

11. Who is your idol and why?
My idol is a girl called Tay Jardine she is the lead singer of one of my favourite bands We Are The In Crowd. There isn't really one main reason that she is my idol apart from the fact that I think she is so talented at what she does, and in the music scene that she is in, which mostly males she still stands out. As well as that I got the chance to meet her at a festival that i went to back in May and she just seemed to down to earth and was nice to everyone no matter what they asked of her.

Thank you for asking me those questions it was really fun getting to answer them!

My nominations are:

Jordanne from

Charlotte Lily from

Katriona and Julie from

Plus anyone who wants to answer these questions!
(sorry I tagged the same people I am new to this!)

My Questions:
1. What is your favourite type of music?
2. Best online clothing store you know of?
3. Your favourite book\author?
4.Favourite Instagram account you follow?
5. Best concert you have been too?/Wish you could go to?
6. Best thing you have done this summer?
7. Your favourite post you have done on your blog?
8. What disney character you wanted to be when you where younger and why?
9. Whats your favourite beauty piece in your make up bag?
10. Who's your OTP?
11. If you could swap bodies with ANY person for a day, who would it be and why?

Would love to read your answers when you have completed them! Please tweet me the link!

- Emillie xo

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

What can I say? I've grown up.

So..I started this Blog back in 2012 I think it was, I was younger, I was girly, and I think maybe what has changed the most is my music taste and style. I think it would only be fair if anyone is even reading this blog anymore is to update you on who I am today.

Name: Emillie

Birthday: 27th September

Appearance: Grey eyes, 10mm stretcher, nose piercing, as of the moment pink hair but I change it up a lot.

Location: Hertfordshire 

Favourite things: Reading, Sleeping, Internet, Concerts and Music

Favourite Bands: All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, Hands Like Houses, 5 Seconds of Summer (guilty)

Style: I would say laid back and maybe kind of grungy? ha

My Blog: A few things may change on here from what they used to, for example I would really like to post more music related things and more of my opinion of things, could be albums, make up, skin care, hair. Even if no one ends up reading this blog anymore, I couldn't blame you it has been over a year, I just love writing so as long as I enjoy it I will keep posting.
If you have any questions done be afraid to ask!

- E

Monday, 1 July 2013

I'm Sorry..

Recently I have been lazy and I haven't had the patience or the time to do any blog work at all. But since my absence I have realized how much I have missed blogging and how much I actual love talking about fashion. So from this post on wards I am going to try and post at least once a week, or more. If I am honest I mainly stopped because I didn't think anyone used, read/ liked my blog so I had no inspiration to keep on posting. But I have decided that I don't really mind if no one likes my blog, because I enjoy writing it and looking at other peoples blogs too..and I think that everyone should pursue what they love doing in life, even if they get negative feedback from others, it just makes me want to try even hard to prove everyone who doubted me wrong.
Love Emillie xox  

Sunday, 10 March 2013


So today wasn't as much of a special event...unless you count Mother's Day of course. So today me, my mum and my dad traveled up to Rugby (the place not the sport) to my Great Aunty and Uncles house for lunch. But because I was seeing family I don't usually see I thought I should dress up a little bit more than usual.
Camo gold collar, £19.99, Topshop
Black skater skirt, £12.99, Newlook
Black cop, £5.99, Newlook
Studded Chelsea boots, £34.55(sale), Republic
 Diamond cross ring, £4.99, Topshop
White lace bow, £4.00, Clair's 

That's all for now! Love yous! xox


Sunday, 3 March 2013


So today I had a family dinner in The Grove - 5 star hotel and spa, I was a little nervous because I had never been to a 5 star place before so I didn't really know what to expect, or what to wear. In the end I decided to wear this:
Here is a more detailed look at what I was wearing:

White lace top, £55 - French Connection
Black high waisted skirt, £12.99 - New Look
Black studded Chelsea boots, £34.55(sale) - Republic
Nail varnish(nice n' neutral), £4.99 - Topshop
Diamond cross ring, £4.99 - Topshop
Leather jacket, £30(sale) - Topshop
The dress code for the restaurant was smart casual, which pretty much means most things except jeans, trainers, hoodies and things along those lines. I really liked what I wore, but I know it won't be to everyone's tastes! 

Love yous xox


Friday, 2 November 2012

Shopping Haul

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while..I've had a lot going on this month..but I am here now and am armed with my Shopping Haul from Westfield Stratford.

The first and only beauty products I got are these nail varnishes from modelsown, in westfield they have like a stool-shop that sells all of modelsown products the stool-shop is in the shape of a spilled nail varnish bottle which I thought was quite cool. They have an offer where it was 6 nail varnishes for £20 and 3 nail varnishes for £12, I got both I got the 6 nail varnishes in the picture for my self then I got the £12 offer as a christmas present for one of my friends. You could pick from any of the nail varnishes that modelsown have so as you might of guessed I was in there for a while..
The next thing I got was this studded cross top from New Look, at the moment I love army/studs so I have been buying bits here and there, this top was £12.99 from their New Arrivals section in the shop. Its quite a light and thin material so I will definitely be wearing either my leather jacket or camo print jacket with this, this winter. The studs on this top are flat and square and they are a bronze type colour.
The next thing I got from New Look isn't that interesting I just got a plain dark blue hoodie to wear over my jumper for school priced at £14.99, but I have to say it is very fluffy and warm for the winter.
At the moment Republic have a sale on the sale items are £10 and under, usually I don't really look at the sale items in shops because they are either never my style or my size but we had loads of time today so I thought I might as well have a look and I found this 'Live, Love, Fly' top and I fell in love with it straight away. It was normally priced at £18 but it was in the sale and reduced to £10. It is a muscle man style top, with a high neck line and it is quite a think material but it doesn't have a hem line at the bottom and is slightly frayed.
When I was coming out of the changing rooms from trying on the 'Live, Love, Fly' top the girl who was working in the changing rooms was wearing this jumper and I really liked it and I asked her if she could please find me one and once she had found one she came back and said it was the last one and that it had been really popular. It is a dark army green jumper(picture makes it look grey, sorry) with dark bronze/silver studs on the shoulders it was £25 and I think I am going to get very use of it considering the weather so far this autumn/winter.
Again I am really sorry I haven't posted in a while..let me know if you like the shopping post hauls, it really helps me out! Love Yousxox

Thursday, 11 October 2012

essie - Big Spender

I have to admit I am a very repeitive person if that makes any sence? I mean once I find something I like and that im comfotable with I dont use stray too far away from it, for me that also applies to make up and clothing brands. Once I find a brand I like I tend to stick to it for a while. Again my sister bought me this for my birthday, but when I have been on my blog browsing I have noticed quite a few blogs have been saying how good this brand of varnishes are, so I'm really happy I got this one; if she hadn't I would of gone out and bought it my self. 

 So this is the colour Big Spender, I would describe this colour has a raspberry/ red wine coloured nail varnish when it is on your nails. I have to say the colour that you can see in the bottle does look a little different when it has been painted on your nails in a few coats. But a really good thing about this product is that it is very thin like some nail colours it is quite thick but is still very paint-able, so you can get a good even look at around 2-3 coats of this colour. I have been into purpley/redish colours recently I think because it is a more calm and suttle colour for Autumn compaired to my bright hot pinks and corals, so I think its a good colour to start getting into Autumn.
Love Yous! :)xox